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Furious thoughts on Fury

Ok… not really furious…I just wanted to be puny.

Seen a few complaints about Pitt’s latest but feel it’s still a flick worth seeing.

Minor critiques:
Jon Bernthal’s character is too caveman. We get there is always one guy that’s gotta be extra rough around the edges but I feel he’s a bit overblown here. A nice for him near the end however.

Lunch scene too long.

A bit melodramatic to see the girl’s body after shell comes in right after they begin to leave. I totally understand the need to hit on the brevity of life for civilians but I think it would have worked better to focus on decimated building.

Overall, Logan Lerman continues to impress the heck outta me.


Fury? Or furry?

It’s not Fall Movie Bonanza Spectacular 2014 until you go to the movies twice in one week.

Thought Kill the Messenger was solid. More on this later.

Hope Fury makes me 3 for 3 on picking good flicks to see this fall.

Montgomery Clift Day on TCM!

If that isn’t a reason to cut out early on a Friday to come home, I don’t know what is!

Late Tuesday Thoughts

"For they loved the glory that comes from man more than the glory that comes from God."

Talk about “Dramatics”

So my sister is about to watch the episode of The Good Wife where IT happens.

I kinda want to drive to her school and hold her hand.

F is for Fall (part 2)

I more fully understand the episode title for Mad Men’s premier episode.

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