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Compare and contrast

Robots and their voices in …
Robot and Frank

Robot in Robot and Frank is voiced by Peter Sarsgaard while Kevin Spacey voices the spaceship in Moon.

Both pretty original movies. I’ll take To Catch a Thief over Robot and Frank when I want to watch a movie about a retired cat burglar.

Compare and contrast…

Mildred Pierce
The Damned Don’t Cry
Stella Dallas

Mothers who go into the belly of the beast to improve their lives at major costs.

Mildred Pierce still ranks #1 on this list to me, mostly because of the twist at the end.

One thing it’s easy to say about all 3…..Joan and Babs Stanwyck created some of the best “don’t mess with me” women of all cinema.

Thanks for the laughs Mickey

Babes in Arms (1939)

No, no, no, judge! You don’t understand; she don’t understand, either. Oh, she don’t mean no harm to us, but… we’re not her kind of people - or yours, either. We belong in show business. We gotta start young so we can get some steel in our backbone. Well, gee, we’re developing. You couldn’t teach us a trade: we’ve GOT one. And you couldn’t do without it… Oh, we’re only kids now, but someday we’re gonna be the guys that make ya laugh and cry and think that there’s a little stardust left on life’s dirty old pan. Oh, she don’t understand: she’d put butterflies to work makin’ rubber tires!

Many many happy returns

A most Happy Birthday to the one and only Doris Day.
May others sing for you today.


Whenever life pulls you back, its just preparing to shoot you foward; things get better


Whenever life pulls you back, its just preparing to shoot you foward; things get better

Wouldn’t be Steve McQueen’s birthday without watching “Bullitt”.

And what’s the best way to grieve the loss of one fictional character than to immerse yourself in the story of another? Still shell shocked over last night’s episode of “The Good Wife”.

♫ We’re after the same rainbow’s end 

I want to wear this outfit every day I’m lazing around the house.

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Is Beowulf (2007) pretty much Shrek for adults? That’s the vibe I’m getting anyway from this odd CGI-cartoon look.